Ham and the Black Crayon

I knew better when I typed it. I know that I was playing with fire.
Well I got burned!
This is the bathroom door.

This is the front of my washer.

This is the tile floor outside the laundry room (it is more like the laundry hall).

This is an extremely angry little man after I took away his black crayon. He was mad enough that I took it away, but it about sent him over the edge when I took pictures of him mad. I can't wait to see him at 2 1/2! With all that we have ahead of us with Ham, and as excited as I was when he made the first step to coloring. I think we need to find a better outlet for his artistry. He already had the moody, artistic personality down!


  1. Oh my gosh! HE IS MAD!!!!
    I'm not so worried about the writing on the wall, floor ect...but the color he chose!
    What a great picture!
    love ya

  2. do you have Mr. Clean Magic Erasers?
    They will clean it right up.
    None of the off brands or "others" do it as well.
    Give him one to wipe on the walls and floor...he will love it...they are nice and soft
    love you

  3. But be careful - the erasers can cut up little faces if they decide to 'chew' on them.
    Bummer about the coloring on the walls, etc. My girlfriend had this issue and took a wall and painted it with chalkboard paint and framed it out. But my fear is it would teach them they could still write on the walls, since they wouldn't know the difference between the 'right' wall and the 'wrong' wall. Hmmmm.

  4. look on the bright side-at least it wasn't fingernail polish!!! Rumor has it when I was about 4 yrs old, I decided to paint my grandma's wall, her chest of drawers AND her headboard of her bed with fingernail polish But I was a sweet little girl and that must have been my evil twin....haha


  5. Thankfully he found a one of LaLa's washable crayons and it wiped right off of everything. I am still on the lookout for random markings on the walls.
    I would rather have Ham's black crayon markings on the wall then the purple fingernail polish that broke on my bathroon tile.