SPT - Great Self-Portrait

This week Lelly gave a simple challenge. Take a few moments to take a great self-portrait.Fix your hair, freshen your lipstick, wear your favorite shirt. Get outside, or stay inside, but take the time to find a shot that you love. She went on to say that life was getting away from her and she was going to take a break from blogging.
I am fairly new to this whole blog thing and very new to SPT, but my initial reaction was of sadness. I was going to let Lelly lead me to add more of myself to this blog.
She did let on today that the break was an April Fools Joke. I am glad.
This is my self-portrait.
Not a shot I love, but a true shot of how I am feeling in my life right now.
Right now I am a little lost in what my life really is. I feel sad more than not. I have really enjoyed my blog and it has been fun for me to do. When I an thinking of things to blog about I find what brings me joy. It gives me an opportunity to focus on what I have and what I am, and what I want to be. And not think about everything that brings me down.


  1. So glad you can find happiness in life! It's the little things that count. Right?

  2. I understand how you feel, and at times feel the same way... But thank havens for me when I feel so down & heavy, my kids do something that causes me to smile & than laugh & I feel better...
    Thanks for your honesty & your SPT.

  3. lene, this is a great shot of you, and it totally captures what i imagine you are feeling. i have always journaled, but blogging, and especially photo-journaling in blogging, really has given me a way to celebrate even the not-so-great times.

    i look forward to challenging you even more with spt in the future!

  4. I totally agree- blogging has given me an outlet-
    I like that you still posted a photo of you, even though you did not feel great!

  5. I think photos that capture feeling are great and you did just that. You can always read my face like an open book. I'm glad too that spt continues!

  6. Your picture made me cry...
    I love you so much.
    I hate not being able to fix things ...