Hair’s to Today…This Post is Almost as Long as LaLa’s Hair

I haven’t been curling LaLa’s hair very often anymore. The rag curlers I had been using just didn’t work as well with her really long hair. I used my straightening iron to curl her hair occasionally, but I worried about the damage I was doing. I will also use a 3-barrel curling iron on her, but again it was the damage issue. There has been a hair tool that I have been wanting, but I was having a hard time justifying the price. Finally last week I caved and came home with these:

listing-EXL WSK

That may not look very exciting, but they turn into this.


They are so cool. And easy to use…as long as the hair is wet.

They may not be the most comfortable to sleep on, but I slept just fine.


And look at those curls.


The first time I used them I put them on clean hair without any product and used all 46 Curlformers that came in the kit I got. The curl was great and really lasted (until she jumped in the pool). And with these curls I don’t have to do much to her hair.


The next time I used this curl cream with them.


You can see a difference in the curls.


Without the cream.                       With the cream.

I also used less Curlforms.


Since I didn’t use them all on LaLa I had enough for Roo.


I wasn’t going to include this picture because of the closed eyes, but they are so dang cute.


I was a little disappointed because when they got home from school the curls looked pretty sad. I think the issue is the curl cream, so I need to find another product to use to get the smooth curls that will last. I use the curl cream for other hair-dos and it works great to hold hair smooth in ponytails or up-dos. It’s just a little heavy.

We didn’t just have curls this week.

We did Roo’s favorite hair-do on her this week. She calls it a caterpillar. I take small sections of her hair and criss-cross them on the top of her hair and use little clips to hold them.


I found a cute idea on Babes in Hairland to use on LaLa. I didn’t do it exactly the same, but you can see the instructions on her site. I just attached the braids together at the bottom. This braid is quick to do, but looks pretty intense.


Not only did I do Roo’s favorite this week, I also did her least favorite. It’s just 3 flips linked in a chain. Fast and cute.


I did a simple braided hair-do on LaLa. I parted her hair on the side and did a braid on each side of her head then combined the 3 strands from each braid together in the back and completed the braid…and added a quick ribbon bow.


So cute.


The week wouldn’t be complete without some girly sass…and she has plenty.


Note: I purchased the items mentioned and I wasn’t paid for my opinion. I am more than happy to tell people what I think for free, but if someone wants to pay me that would be awesome.


  1. Super cute! My flat iron just broke....wanna do my hair for me?

    (I love your comment about your opinion)

  2. So I expect that someday...when you visit me...in less than a month...that you will bring that wonderful bag of curl-ful-ness...and I will volunteer for free for you to experiment...more than you did on your growing children. The End. Love Kira

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so glad you did this post on curl formers! I've read all about them and have wanted to try them, but never knew anyone that actually had them. Thank you. They are definitely going on my "To Purchase" list. :-)