SPT–What Time Is It?

This is what I look like:
  1. After having lunch with a friend
  2. And spending a couple of hours talking and catching up
  3. And losing track of time
  4. And realizing I should’ve left about 10 minutes earlier to pick the girlies up from school
  5. And having to speed across the desert
  6. And being thankful that I didn’t see any police 

spt = self-portrait Tuesday


  1. You look beautiful!!!
    Even if you are late...
    but I know darn well you are lucky that you do not see any police not matter where you are going. heheheee

    I really like your Sept. picture very cool.

  2. I enjoy your SPT. I need to get back into my SPT!
    Oh and thanks for your sweet comment on my FB wall.. I'm so glad we are friends...

  3. I know that look! I am always a bit later than I should be to things and thus that look is familiar to me too. Hope you had a wonderful time and that the girls still managed to get a ride home!

  4. About how I would look, except I'd never chit chat with ladies.

  5. YAY for self-portraits "in the moment!" so glad you did not run into any police in the desert :)