first day

We made it through the first day of school…but it wasn't easy.

The Big Boys both have zero hour at the high school. They are out the door bright and early in the morning.

The Man-Child is a junior.
I can’t tell you how many times he mentioned that he only has 2 more years of high school. Every time he said it my heart would break a little more.
Einstein is now a freshman.
I worried so much about him on the first day of school. He is truly one of the funniest people I know, but he is so painfully shy. I worried about him getting lost…both physically and emotionally.

To watch them drive off to school was pretty nerve-wracking. I know what the traffic is like on the first day of school. Not that I don’t trust the Man-Child’s driving abilities…it’s all the other people I worry about.

The Babies were the next to leave.

LaLa is now in 4th grade.
This is her last year at the elementary school.

Hammie is now in 2nd grade.
He was probably my least nervous child. He was ready to go bright and early.

When I dropped them off at school Hammie started to run to his friends waiting at the gate. I had to call him back to say goodbye to me.
This is the last year they will be walking in this gate together. boohoo.

And finally it was time for Roo to leave.
She’s in 7th grade and this is her first year at the jr high.
She could ride the bus to school, but Einstein had some issues on the bus last year so this year I told Roo I would drive her if she wanted. What kid would choose the bus over getting to ride with me every morning?!?

We were about half way to school and I asked her if she was nervous…
Way wrong question.
She started crying. I started crying. I kept telling her to stop crying so she wouldn’t ruin her make-up. I couldn’t think of anything else to say…

We finally had smiles on our faces by the time we pulled up to the school.

And then it was just me…
all by myself…don’t wanna be…all by myself

I may or may not have driven by the high school on my way home to make sure there wasn't any burning wreckage in front of the school. I did stop myself from driving through the parking lot…
Yes! I am that Mom!

I came home and watched trashy reality TV just waiting for them to get home.

I just feel better when my babies are home.


back to school

This is the week…
School starts on Wednesday!
I’m not sure where the summer went. I still have all the projects I wanted to get done waiting to be done. I guess it’s too late to do them…EVER.
This year is another big transition year for us. The last time we had a year like this was here.
I now have 2 kids at the high school! I have a child that is a junior. A JUNIOR!
And Einstein is going to be a freshman.
Since they are both in marching band they actually have a class together. How cool is that?
And Roo? She is now in jr. high.
We picked up her schedule last week and it’s pretty intense, but she’ll do fine. And she didn’t get the teacher that I was dreading dealing with again. So it’s going to be a good year for her!
And LaLa and Hammie will still be hanging out together at the elementary school. They both have been assigned awesome teachers that the older kids have had before so they are excited.
This is LaLa’s last year at the elementary school.
This year is even more exciting for me because I only have kids in 3 schools, it’s usually been 5 kids in 4 different schools. This year should be a breeze.
Big Daddy is going to be in Texas this week so he spent time yesterday evening giving each of the children a Father’s Blessing before sending them back to school.
I’m so thankful that he makes it a priority to do that for the kids.
I really love where we live and one of the reasons I do is because of the brilliant public school system in the district we live in. All the kids have gone to the same schools and have had many of the same teachers. For the most part they have been so caring and supportive. It’s scary sometimes to send my kids off for the majority of the day to let someone else have a big influence on their lives. We have been blessed by the teachers that we have in our children's lives and some of them I count as real friends.
I look forward to another exciting year…


throwback thursday - 2013

Last year isn't very far to be throwing back to...

I sure love these cousins together...And I can't believe Baby YaYa is already one!


craft camp

All the kids had camps or other activities going on the summer…except LaLa.
Then a friend announced she was going to have a Craft Camp at her house every week.
So I quickly signed LaLa up and she’s had a fun summer of craftiness.
The first week they decorated water bottles.
Have you heard that when you have a cute water bottle you will drink more water? LaLa definitely agrees.

The second week they made these cute chalkboards with magnets.
Perfect for this girlie who likes to leave notes every where.

The 3rd week they decorated flip-flops.
So cute.

The 4th week they made decoupage letters.
I still need to get it hung up…

The 5th week the decorated picture frames with glitter…
Lots of glitter.

And finally on the 6th week they made these sparkly necklaces.

They were all pretty simple craft projects and she had so much fun.


Woo Hoo! I’m almost all caught up!
July started with these 3 getting to go to the Gilbert Temple to do Baptisms.
It’s pretty neat to see your children go off together to the Temple.
It did take awhile to get a good picture of the 3 of them that I could actually post…
It’s summer in AZ…
The dust. Most evenings we get dust. On a lucky evening we may get a few drops of rain with the dust. On a rare night we get lightening and torrential rain.
We could use less dust and more rain.
We had the most laid-back 4th of July evah…and it was delightful.
We had all sorts of plans, but we just ended up hanging out together. We played a few games. There may have been coloring with crayons involved. Burgers were grilled.
But after dark we got crazy…
Yep…we are seriously out of control crazy.
As soon as the 4th of July weekend was over our summer break kind of ends. Drumline camp started bright and early for these guys.
We also had our air conditioner go out twice this summer.
It was only the unit that cools the downstairs. At least our bedrooms stayed nice and cool.
The kitchen and living areas on the other hand were kind of unbearable.
It may have resulted in not cooking…and consuming ice cream for dinner.
It’s nutritious…right?
And BOOM…just like that you are all up-to-date on the Chaos.


june 2014 update

It’s June and summertime was in full swing.
Roo was finally a Beehive.
For those of you that don’t understand our strange Mormon language, a Beehive is a 12 and 13 year old girl in our Church. It is the beginning of the Young Women program. The last 6 months in Primary is fairly painful and these young ladies can hardly stand waiting to join the other Young Women in our congregation.
Before Roo could completely leave Primary behind there was one last activity: The Achievement Days Recognition Night.
It was the last primary activity for these two girlies together. Roo and a couple of other girls had earned their Faith in God awards.
It was a fun night.
For a summer activity we signed Hammie up for a basketball camp through our high school.
To say he enjoyed it would be a complete understatement.
He’s decided he found his sport and I am thankful that basketball is his choice. A nice air conditioned gym sounds so much more enjoyable than a hot, dusty baseball diamond.
It was a fun camp and everyone earns a medal. but they also have Shoot-out challenges and Hammie got second place one day.
This camp is held every summer for kids all the way up to high school and I think Hammie will be ready for next year too.
Yep…another cul-de-sac movie.
We also had Sherri’s first birthday since she passed away.
Her headstone had be placed a few months earlier and we had gone to the cemetery to see it.
It still doesn’t seem real that she is gone.
We had a fun cousin movie day and went and saw “Maleficent”.
I think we had 2 thumbs up from everyone. Awesome Movie!
Since it’s summertime there was the obligatory fort building.
My living room looked like this for a few days and then I had to have order restored.
I guess order wasn’t restored soon enough…
I had a little “episode” where my blood pressure shot way up and was having some vision issues.
Did you know that if you show up in the ER with sky-high blood pressure and vision issues that a bunch of people start moving really fast to take care of you? I didn’t before, but I do now. And if they call a Code Stroke the whole hospital knows about it?
I ended up spending the weekend in the hospital under observation.
After a few tests, that came back completely normal, they sent me home with a high blood pressure medication…and 3 blown veins from IV needles.
I thought I was fine, but I wasn’t feeling better and was really, really dizzy.
After visiting with my doctor and monitoring my blood pressure we determined that I don’t have high blood pressure…just a type of vertigo.
And now I’m fine…no really
The main reason I was so anxious to get home is because Roo was leaving for Girls Camp on Monday and I really needed to be there to help her get ready.
I was in a bit of shock that she was actually going to Girls Camp.
She and her friends were ready to have fun.
And since it wasn’t regular Girls Camp she got to spend some time being pampered.
I was so glad when she was home. I missed having my right-hand girlie around.
So we live in the desert. It’s hot in the desert.
Hot enough to make your rearview mirror fall off.
And my sister felt so bad for me her rearview mirror fell off the next day.
So maybe it isn’t the heat that made it fall of…just a sister bonding experience.
Roo had a pretty exciting June.
It included a visit to the orthodontist.
It was a rough few days but totally worth the pain…
Sometimes in the summer you need a shield…
and a sword.
For Father’s Day Big Daddy got himself a gift:
Tickets for the whole family to go see the AZ Diamondbacks play.
Big Daddy is a total fan.
While we were there we ran into Randy Johnson.
We were in the front row of the top deck at the ballpark. They were pretty amazing seats.
During the game we had 2 foul balls hit in our section.
One went a couple of rows behind us.
The second one bounced into a lady’s purse sitting a couple seats away from us.
Hammie asked her if he could see the ball and she was kind enough to give it to him.
So now Hammie is the proud owner of a foul ball hit by All-Star Paul Goldschmidt…
And the Diamondbacks won!
It was a good night topped off with fireworks after the game.
This guy…
He is pretty amazing. Just ask him…
Seriously, he gave a talk in Church that you would have never guessed was written by a 14 yr old. Such a wise young man.
It’s humbling trying to be the parent to amazing kids.
There is an amazing lady that used to live in our neighborhood. She plans all these great activities during the summer. In the past we were able to go to a few of them. This year we only made it to one…The Krispie Kreme Donut tour. Yum!
They do a quick little “tour” of how they make donuts and then each of the kids got to dip their own chocolate sprinkled donut.
And then we “had” to buy another dozen to bring home.
June ended with LaLa giving a talk in primary.
She is such a cutie.
And maybe our ward has heard enough from our family for a few months…
I’m almost caught up. The first part of July is all I have left to catch up on…