menu monday

Our schedule this week is a bit whack-a-doo so I'm not sure how much of this plan is actually going to happen.

Fall is kind of crazy with marching band season anyways, but this week it goes on overload. 
Monday I know is going to happen, because it's Monday. You can find the recipe here
The rest of the week is up in the air.
Tuesday the Boyz have marching band practice and Roo has a band concert with an early call time. Wednesday should go as planned.
Thursday the Boyz are marching at the football game and Roo gets to play in the stands with them. That means all 3 of them have to be at the high school by 4:30pm. Kinda hard to have dinner that early. And can I just say it: a football game on Thursday?!?
I can almost guarantee that the burgers will happen on Friday.
Saturday and Sunday are General Conference, so it is a weekend of watching conference on TV and spending time together as a family. Who wants to spend a weekend like that actually fixing dinner?

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  1. That is a good idea! Hope the week went well. Enjoy conference!