LaLa and the "B"

LaLa has a ever present "B". She actually has three "B's.

One is just a little more loved than the others.

All three started out exactly the same.

I had heard horror stories of little ones losing their blanket or stuffed animal and I didn't want to be without, so I made sure I purchased more than one. Just in case.

It doesn't really matter, because when something is so important there really isn't anything that can take its place. Even if it looks just the same. It really isn't the same.

This is her favorite. The one that she truly loves. The one that brings instant comfort .

She doesn't like to give it up....at all. Not even to be washed. Sometimes I sneak into her room in the middle night and put it in the wash. Those times I can wash it on the sanitary cycle of our washing machine and really get it clean. There are some days that she wants to sit on my lap and snuggle and the odor from the "B" is more than I can handle and it has to go in the washer....right then! I am so glad our washer has an express cycle!

But 30 minutes can seem like forever without your safety net.

Now she can handle anything!

I think I need a "B"!


  1. Her "B" is getting thinner!
    Speaking of "B's" where is yours?
    Wasn't it white with flowers on it or something???
    Love you

  2. ahhh that is so precious. My son had to have the silky edging from the blankets and it kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller. He gave it up before he went to kindergarten.


  3. Ah, such memories! None of my kids ever had one but I can imagine the trauma of not having it if you need it! I think I need one too!!