Is There A Doctor In The House?

I have sick kids right now with runny noses, coughs and sore throats. I have kept the three older ones home from school. Staying home from school is a big deal, they usually don't get to stay home unless they are running a fever or throwing up or really, really, really sick!
2 kids are really not feeling well.
1 is not feeling well and grumpy.
1 is more well then sick.
1 isn't really sick at all, but didn't want to go to school while everyone is home.
I will let you guess who is who:

Yes she is asleep on the floor -- again!

Oh and I have it too. Along with my ever present headache.


  1. oh lene,
    what a wonderful post!!!
    I love it!!!
    But, they do all look like they are not feeling very well.
    Ham is so darn cute!
    I hope you get feeling better too.
    I have the same thing but I think it is alergies for me...so I have been taking benadryl (only thing that doesn't interact with heart meds) so I am either LOOPED out of my mind or sound asleep!
    Yea, I like Benadryl
    Love you

  2. oh you poor thing with 5 sick kids...well 4--and then you. I remember those days.

    I feel my allergies coming on as well...Spring is in the air...


  3. so is ham going to have red hair?
    Love the little flip around the ears.

  4. Sickness in the house is always worse when you are sick along with everyone else. Becuase when mom's sick--- Life is no fun!