Ham’s New Smile

A few weeks ago Ham kept telling me he had a toothache. A toothache that woke him up at night…3 nights in a row. I just gave him motrin and told him he would be fine. Yep, I am really working on that Mother of the Year Award.

Then one evening we were all sitting around watching TV and I looked over at Ham and it looked like he was chewing on something.

“Ham what are you eating?”

“My toothache.”


Oh is that why the right half of your face is all swollen?


Thankfully we have good insurance and are back visiting Dr. Ball and one if his hygienists is a friend of mine that lives in the neighborhood. After a couple of phone calls, a trip to the pharmacy and a morning appointment for the next day Ham was going to finally get some relief.


Um yeah. Not only did he have an infected tooth, but there were 4 other cavities and his dead tooth was starting to disintegrate and needed to come out.

So we set up the appointment for a few weeks later so the antibiotics would have a chance to work on his tooth.

And finally yesterday was the day of reckoning.

We had a early morning appointment and Ham was ready to go.

Isn’t that the best décor in a dentist office?


After his first dose of medicine and an hour wait for it to start working Ham was getting pretty mellow.


Then the finally called us back and loaded Ham up with the “laughing gas”.


It was kind of funny watching him completely confused by the pulse oximeter on his finger.

Once they got to work they were able to fill the 4 small cavities, but the tooth that had the infection had to be pulled as well as his front tooth.


He did amazing…and I was the only one that cried. It’s hard watching such a little one having to have not just one tooth pulled, but two.

I don’t think he remembers much of the ride home.


And now Ham has a new smile…


A cute little lisp that goes with it.

And no the drugs hadn’t completely worn off when I took this picture.


  1. Poor little fella. Glad to hear he is on the mend though.

  2. Oh dear! Poor little critter! He did come out of the whole ordeal just a little cuter though so it's not all bad!

    My boy got a big 'ole absessed tooth that looked like he was sucking on a jaw breaker awhile back. You'll have to push me out of the way to get the "Mother of the Year" for tooth neglect.

  3. totally love laughing gas...I remember when the dentist in Spokane would give me enough that the fish would swim on his wallpaper...when I told him...he huried and turned it down...STUPID!
    His smile looks great with the dead tooth gone.

  4. Don't you wish you could bottle up some of those drugs and gas and take it home?

    He doesn't look like he was traumatized by the whole ordeal at all. I think it's always worse on us moms.

  5. Laughing gas is great stuff, isn't it? I don't know, I've never actually had it. I'd like it, but my dentist never has it. I'm a little disappointed by this. I need to find a new one. Preferably one with a train in his waiting room.