Meet Me On Monday

Meet Me On Monday

1.  Crunchy or soft tacos? Homemade crunchy tacos are my favorite.


2.  Do you scrapbook? I used to. I am about 6 years behind and I don’t know if I will ever catch up. I haven’t jumped on the digital scrapbooking bandwagon. I like all the tools and gadgets that go with traditional scrapbooking.


3.  Do you take any daily medications? Just one. For asthma.


4.  What is your favorite sound? Rain.


5.  Where were you born? In Arizona.


I think that it’s a cool fact that my husband and all my kidlets were born in the same hospital.


Join the fun here.


All images borrowed from Google images.


  1. I love crunchy tacos, and I am also an Arizona girl..

  2. Guess what...
    I LOVE HOMEMADE CRUNCHY TACOS...MAYBE because MY mom made the best around!
    I think I have scrapbooked two pages in my life...
    one for Roo's about her blanket and one of Derek's accident.
    Yea...to many meds to list...
    I too love the sound of rain...with Lightening!
    I was born in Arizona!
    and my husband and my kids were born in the same hospital too!!!!
    BUT here is one for you...
    I have the greatest sister in the whole world!!!
    Love ya!!!

  3. I love soft tacos, but crunchy is good too! Fun post!

  4. Now that hospital thing is just too weird. It's like something out of LOST or something. And I do take meds everyday for acid reflux.

  5. I send all my photos to my mom and sister and let them scrapbook for me. The whole scrapbooking thing just stresses me out.

    My favorite sound is my boys giggling together at something funny. But rain would be second.