Take That You Silly Tooth Fairy

Yesterday was time for the kiddos to head to the dentist for cleanings and check-ups. Since the whole change of jobs with Big Daddy our insurance doesn’t cover for our favorite pediatric dentist. I can’t tell you how much I miss Dr Ball and his office…

Appointments were made for Big J, Einstein and Roo. And since there isn’t a true pediatric dentist on our insurance list LaLa and Ham got to skip their visits this time. Have I mentioned how much I miss our regular dentist?!?

Instead of having all the kiddos go back at once and be taken care of at the same time we had a little down time. Not like at our old dentist where all 5 kids could be checked at the same time. Still missing Dr Ball…

But the down time did give us a chance to play with the toys at the office.


Yeah…like he didn’t think I would get that on camera!


On the bright side

Big J had a perfect check-up.


Einstein had a perfect check-up.


And Roo had a perfect check-up.


3 for 3 with no cavities.

Good thing I didn’t have an appointment for the other 2 or I couldn’t have made that little rhyme! Even so, have I mentioned that I sure miss Dr Ball?

And Ham figured he would do his own cleaning…


he was just confused about where.

  • Pediatric dentist or regular dentist for your kiddos?


  1. LOVE the picture of HAM. :)

  2. I actually took my kids to a pedi dentist...crazy in BURLEY!!!
    Congrats on the no sugar bugs.

  3. Yay for good check-ups! Boo for no more Dr. Ball.

    Since I was a dental office worker, I usually took my kids to where I was working. But if they had needed anything extensive, I would've taken them to a pedodontist for sure. They are just more geared for kids. Now we go to the dentist that is right down the street (by Bahama Bucks) and I really like him.

  4. Family dentist actually. And she was awesome with all my kids. She is retiring tho. :(

  5. I am right at your side bar photo of Ham - what a cutie in his orange shirt! And, the cleaning - classic! Congrats on three without cavitities!