How Old Is Old?

On Sunday my Dad turned 69. 69? Now that doesn’t sound that old, but next year he will be 70. I used to think 70 was old. Now I am not so sure. He is still my Dad, but he sure doesn’t get around as well as he used to. And the man that I thought was stronger than Superman has lost some of his super powers. So even if he isn’t old this year I think he might be getting closer to that label.

The kiddos and I headed over to celebrate with him, and since Grandma B’s birthday was last Monday while we were on the road she took her turn blowing out the candles on the cupcakes.


Now usually when you visit someone on their birthday you are supposed to give the gifts, but grandparents have a way with bending and even breaking the rule. So instead of giving a gift to him my Dad gave us a pretty cool gift.

I am not sure when he picked up this old Schwinn, I think it was still while we lived in Spokane (at least 20 years ago).


Now it is ours and it needs a little TLC to get it shiny, but it is still in perfect riding condition. Just ask Big J.


Happy Birthday Poppa Willie and Grandma B!



  1. Awesome post...it is hard to believe that our dad is getting OLD...really old

  2. I hate to think of our parents getting old. Mine's only a few years behind yours. I remember when that used to be our grandparents' age, now it's our parents' age. What does that make us? (don't answer that)