Meet the Teacher…and More

The supplies have been purchased.

We made our rounds at Meet the Teacher.

I forgot to take a picture with Ham and his teacher. It was a little overwhelming for him to meet a new teacher, so the last thing I was thinking about was a picture. And Big J? Can you even imagine taking his picture with all his teachers now that he is a Jr high big shot?


Meet the Teacher wasn’t such a big deal for the other kids. The only teacher that is new to us is Ms V. She is Einstein’s teacher for 5th grade this year. Mr. D is almost like a member of the family by this point. Miss K is Roo’s teacher and she was Einstein’s teacher a couple of years ago. And Mrs. N? Well she has taught Big J, Einstein and Roo in kindergarten and now she has sweet LaLa in her class. How cool would it be if Ham is in her class in a couple of years?!?

Who knew that Meet the Teacher would turn into Meet the Blogger? I finally met Tammy! Yes that Tammy. She was at our elementary school meeting a teacher and she found me there.


How cool is that? I know, it’s about time.

Then finally tonight Big Daddy gave each of the children a Father’s Blessing to start the new year off right.


And now the backpacks are packed and ready to go.


Now if I could just get these yahoos to stay in bed and get some sleep we would finally be ready.


And the new school year can begin!


  1. Mrs. N having 4 of your 5 kids is cool! Hopefully Ham can have her too. My 6th grade teacher was a very special lady and she had all 8 of us kids from Angela all the way down to me. Since I was the youngest and the last our family did a special presentation for her at my 6th grade graduation. It was pretty cool.

  2. I totally fogot to pull my camera out. I'm such a bad mom.

    It was so fun to run into you! I just had a feeling as we pulled up.

    Connor has the same shirt as Einstein. Funny.

    I am still not ready for this day. I want more vacation.

    Hope everyone has a good first day!

  3. Woo Hoo! It's back to school! I still have a couple weeks of summer left with my tribe but I am excited for the school year- looks like your kids are too.

    And I'm glad you got to meet Tammy. She and I grew up in the same neighborhood and she's tons of fun!

  4. Wow, i am so not ready for school to start....

    for some reason i thought you already knew Tammy!!!
    How fun to meet one of your blog buddies.....

  5. well, i can tell you that Ms. V goes to my gym, so at least she has good health habits?

  6. I about started crying...

  7. I bounced over here from Tammy's blog, and, oh my I can sure relate. I have been doing back-to-school day for about, let's say 21 or 22 years now? (How did I ever get old enough for THAT to be true! Dang!)
    Anyway, we don't start school yet. But soon.
    It's always eventful, right?

  8. I just read of the meeting of the blogging minds over at Tammy's blog. I am surprised the blogging world didn't stop in it's tracks during that meeting.

    We don't have meet the teacher night, just back to school night. And I always have to wear a tie so I can be immortalized on mommy blogs across the state.