Thank Full

We had a very nice Thanksgiving, but for some reason I have a mental block about taking pictures of the whole family on Thanksgiving. I blame it on the tryptophan from the turkey!

I do have a few pictures from Thanksgiving and earlier in the week.

On Tuesday Grandma Jo invited us to her house for a surprise for the kiddos.


She used part of her inheritance from Grandpa-Great to get a playground for her backyard. She has wanted one for years and now it is finally in place. It has been dubbed “Papa Bear’s Playground”.

The grandkids were surprised and had a blast playing on it.



LaLa was not real sure about the slide, but with Grandma’s support she finally tried it…and loved it.


It was all fun and games until Ham slipped on the ladder and broke his face…okay he just chipped a tooth and shoved it back into his gum.


A trip to the dentist the next morning left us with good news/bad news. The tooth is in a “good” position to not damage the permanent tooth and hopefully it will re-erupt and move back down a little. If it doesn’t we may have to pull the tooth.

But that didn’t stop us from heading back out on Thanksgiving afternoon to play some more.

Ham headed right back up the ladder.


And we had fun playing.


Even the big kids.


Big J just settled for climbing trees.


And there were breaks for pie.


This is Ham’s new smile.


It was a long and fun day.

How do I know?

Because this is how I found Roo when we got home that night.


Sound asleep.


  1. That is a totally awesome playground! What a great time. Sorry about the tooth though- I hate teeth drama. Ever since Anna's issues, my kids ask every time if I'm SURE it's a baby tooth.

    The sleeping picture there at the end makes my neck hurt just looking at it!

  2. Totally different than what I expected the playground equipment to look like.
    Ham's mouth just breaks my heart.

  3. What a fun thing for Grandma to buy! I worked in dentistry for 10+ years and I never saw a tooth get pushed back up before. Wow. Poor guy. I also forgot to take any pics of Thanksgiving. And I forgot to use my cute turkey platter I had. I demand a redo.

  4. For a little hope, my niece fell when she was a little squirt and both front teeth were shoved up. Her teeth were fine, and now she had beautiful teeth.

    Looks like fun was had by all.

  5. hate it when the tooth boo boo thing happens.. ouch.. that pic of roo reminds me of rae.. LOL