Menu Monday

Here is the plan for this week:
  • Monday - sweet & sour meatballs (the recipe is here)
  • Tuesday - oven fried chicken strips with a healthy veggie as a side.
  • Wednesday - Blue and Gold Banquet (gotta love the Cub Scouts)
  • Thursday - stroganoff
  • Friday - pizza
  • Saturday - whatever
  • Sunday - zesty crockpot chicken (from here)

On the sweet & sour meatballs I have started doubling the sauce recipe and I think I will have to start using more meat soon. One recipe just doesn't seem to be enough for my family. Also have you sensed a pattern on my Saturday menus. Yeah I pretty much leave it up in the air. You just never know what Saturday will bring.

As far as sticking to last weeks menu we did pretty well. We didn't have enchiladas on Sunday. I am a little burned out on enchiladas. My family LOVES them, but I need a break from them every now and then. Anywho....we have sick kidlets so we stayed home from church. And since we were home from church we were able to watch the Cardinals beat the Eagles to advance to the Super Bowl. And since the Cardinals have been a joke until now I didn't want to risk missing out on a little Super Bowl food on a game that might not happen....did that make sense?!? So we had a mini Super Bowl party. Well not really a party because kidlets are sick and coughing and achy. So we had chicken wings and oven fries. That was a really long and round-about way to say we had chicken wings and oven fries. And guess what? I decided last night that I really don't like chicken wings. Way too much work and way too messy to really be enjoyable.


  1. Must be the time for sick kids. I stayed home from church yesterday too because Taylor is coughing like crazy and feverish. Then Natalie started coughing and had a fever yesterday afternoon. I hate this time of year. I have to say I love menu monday. I keep looking at the recipes and telling myself that I am going to try something different. Hopefully I will.

  2. Ohh and I love your new page layout.

  3. Sounds good. Let me know what time dinner is, and we'll be over!

  4. I get so frustrated trying to feed my tribe. Everyone is so picky! I admire your menu planning capabilities. I do it in fits and spurts, sadly.

  5. Every week I admire your menus and every week I decide I am going to do that too. But then I don't and then we eat a bunch of junk and so the cycle continues. I did it this week. I should post them on my blog, it might keep me more accountable.

  6. You torture me, you know?
    Blue and Gold! Have fun!

  7. I love your background!
    We must have been changing ours at the same time!
    Hope the kids getting feeling better real soon.

  8. I've been meaning to tell you (I've been a little side tracked with a sick kiddo) but I tried your zippy ziti last week. I had to improvise because I didn't have mozarella but it was a HUGE hit. I doubled all the things you said you would be doing next time. My husband told me to never make spaghetti again- even my son-in-law that I've been sending food to liked it! WOo HOO! I always love getting a new recipe that EVERYONE in the house likes! So, thank you for sharing!!!!!!