Birthday Wrap-up

Last night we had a little birthday shindig for Ham.

Since we were working with a Train theme I found this cute idea on BettyCrocker.com.(Not as easy as I expected it would be. But maybe if I had started decorating a little earlier it wouldn't have been so stressful. My engine was pretty wonky and one car was destroyed, but Ham didn't seem to care.)

I wasn't sure how he would do trying to blow out the candle:
Yeah, he didn't have any problem with it. We actually had to relight the candle a few times because he would blow it out before we could get a picture of it.
He also got the good old fashioned Fisher-Price popper, which is somewhat of a miracle. As you can imagine our house is somewhat noisy with 5 young children. Sometimes I forget how noisy it really is until someone is here that isn't usually around kidlets and I realize how loud and chaotic it seems. So we tend to get gifts that don't add to the noise. Big Daddy is a little more sensitive to the noise...because he gets to go to work in a nice quiet office. Anywho, as we were shopping one day Big Daddy grabbed the popper for Ham. I was a little shocked and asked him if he was feeling okay. He assured me he was and I could see he was truly excited that Ham could walk around and push the popper.

And walk around and enjoy the popper he did!

Happy Birthday Ham! How's that for a cheesy grin?


  1. That is awesome!!
    I was surprised to see you had company with all you had going yesterday!
    Happy Happy B-day Ham

    at someone elses house!

    Thanks for sharing the video!

  2. don't you mean a 'cakey' grin?

    ha! I crack myself up!

    he's so cute.

  3. That cake turned out cute! Love his smile.

  4. Our popper had to LEAVE in the middle of the night one night. That thing drove me crazy!!!!!!!!
    H.B. Ham

  5. What a Great Cake! You are just rocking at making cakes.. I think I would go nuts with a popper... Not like I'm not already there...

  6. Happy belated Birthday to Ham. Such a cutie. Looks like he had a great birthday.

    I love the pics down below of you with the people you love. They're all so cute!