I can’t believe it’s Friday and another week is gone…and February is almost over. Where the heck is time going?!?

I am going back a couple of weeks with my pictures since I missed a few weeks of '>InstaFriday.


My delightful home state celebrated it’s 100th birthday on the 14th. I love where I live.



Ugh…silly Valentine’s day parties at school and the candy the kidlets come home with.


If FunDip never came in my home again I would be a happy mom.


While Big Daddy and I were out driving around one day we saw this:



There are days that I get a little jealous of these two.



Maggie will crawl up on my lap while I read, but she would prefer it if I would turn the lamp off.



I celebrated my birthday this week and Big Daddy, Ham and I went out to lunch at this great little restaurant called Liberty Market.


The food was so delicious, but I had a little oral surgery a couple of days before so I only really got to enjoy the soup and a little bit of Ham’s grilled cheese sandwich. I did dig through the salad for the veggies I could eat.

I didn’t even take a picture of myself on my birthday because I was still so swollen.


Behind the restaurant was a little plaza with a historic water tower.


Living in the desert we celebrate water…a lot.



The Boyz had the opportunity to do baptisms at the Mesa Temple. It was Einstein’s first time to get to go. It made my Momma Heart go pitter-patter watching them leave. They are such amazing boys.



I love these people!




  1. I love those things that make our hearts pitter-patter and watching our kids make good choices.

    So did you get a tooth extracted? I need a wisdom tooth out soon and I am dreading it! I don't know if it makes it easier or harder after being a dental assistant and knowing what goes on.

    I thought that car was something you'd just seen on the internet, not real life. Funny!

  2. What a fun post! Baptisms is always so fun for the first time! And Happy birthday!! Too bad for the surgery. :( But your pictures are cute and I *totally* agree about the Fun DIP!!!!

  3. I love your state of AZ too!!! I was there last weekend and I was in HEAVEN!!!!
    Back to my freezing life.

    Your boys are so cute.
    You should be so proud of them!

    Love the bluetooth!!!