The Eighties

Spirit Week for Einstein continues. I didn’t post yesterday because it was school color day and he wore just a plain t-shirt.
Today was 80’s day.
I happen to know a little about people dressed way back in the Eighties.
I grabbed out my rusty trusty yearbooks and showed Einstein what guys dressed like way back then.
Really not a lot different then now…well except for acid wash jeans, Sperry Topsiders, and all that other cool stuff.
Oh and EVERYBODY parted their hair in the middle. Why?
I think Einstein pulled off the Eighties pretty well.
And since I had my yearbooks out I thought I would share some bad fashion choices.
And what was the deal with my hair?!?
At lease by my Senior year I had pulled myself together.


  1. Sperry topsiders are totally cool again.

  2. hehheeee,
    He looks awesome...and the hair you had it parted down the middle, you were totally in style.

  3. and you have always been BEAUTIFUL!

  4. That is awesome!
    He looks like he's having a good time.
    Isn't it amazing that they are having 80's day? Wasn't that just yesterday?