On Sunday our family had the chance to go hear my nephew speak in church.
As I sat there listening to him I was impressed how he had grown into this amazing man.
I thought about when he was a baby and my Mom babysat him while his mom worked…and the time I let him roll off the bed. I felt like the biggest jerk ever, and I worried that I broke him. Well I didn’t and he turned out just fine.
On Sunday, in front of a church filled with people who love and respect him, he just confirmed what a great guy his is.
And how grateful I am that my kidlets have such a great example to look up to.
And how glad I am that I didn’t break him when he was a baby.
Today he entered the Missionary Training Center to begin his 2 year mission serving in Virginia.
And I am going to miss him horribly.
But I can’t wait to see the kind of man he is after serving the Lord for the best two years of his life.


  1. He's probably glad you didn't break him too.

  2. It won't be long before we'll be sending our own boys off to the MTC. That makes me happy/sad!

  3. This will be the best two years of his life, and will go by so fast..