Jammies and Hair

Spirit Week continues at Einstein’s school.
Today was pajama day. It makes me laugh that this boy thought he could just wear dirty pajamas today. Yeah…I don’t think so.
I did help him add bedhead into his hair for the day.
It makes me happy that he still wants to participate in these fun days.
On a separate note since it was Valentine’s Day it was time to bring out the heart hair do’s.
With Roo we went with a simple little heart that we have done before.
We just left the back down straight.
With LaLa we copied a fun braid from Babes in Hairland.
I did LaLa’s a little different and just pulled it back into a ponytail instead of 2 braids. Oh and I pulled out the glitter spray for just the braid. (the picture doesn’t really do it justice)
She is such a cutie!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Casa de Chaos


  1. I actually thought of you and your cool heart hair dos this morning when I got up and had to think about combing Maggies hair. I thought...I bet Darlene could do the coolest things with maggies hair. Then again, she'd have to actually let you TOUCH her hair, so that could be a problem. Anyway...love the do's.

  2. cute as always and I am glad E still gets into the school activities.
    Lovr you!

  3. I wanted to spray paint a big pink heart in my boys' hair, but they weren't having it.