Out of the Mouth of Babes

In our Church the children are given the chance to speak to the group of children. In the last few weeks Einstein and Roo both have been given the chance to give talks. And then LaLa brought home her assignment. I always worry when she is supposed to speak in front of people, I mean the little sweetie has been in speech classes for 3 years and there are times that we can’t understand her.

So today we started practicing with her to read her scripture.

And practicing.

And practicing.


When it came time for her to get up in front of the kids she jumped right up there and read without a problem and not a problem understanding her.

Silly Mom worrying about how she was going to do.

See I told you she did a great job!


  1. Great job Lala! She did better than some adults I know. I love primary kids!

  2. She did GREAT!!!
    LaLa you are such a good reader!!!
    and I understood all of your words!
    Love you LOTS,
    Aunt Niece