Welcome to a World of Wonder

As a kindergartener LaLa is making progress as a reader. It hasn’t been easy for her. I think she doubts her abilities and that holds her back.

She has been working really hard and practicing. So today I awarded her with her very own library card.

She took looking for a book very seriously now that she was official card carrying reader.


Then she found the perfect book…with princesses.


Then it was time to go and check out.


By her very own self.


She is so excited to join the rest of the family in our love for our library.

Plus we enjoy the other programs at our library. Including a visit from BYU’s Theatre Ballet and a small preview of their show, Fairy Tales and Fantasy.


The girlies thought it was fun to see real ballerinas.

I really love our library…like I want to sit in a tree with it. Without the library I wouldn’t read nearly as many books and such a wide variety of books.

And please don’t remind me about how unsanitary library books are. I can easily freak myself out thinking about it. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.


  1. I'm glad you like our library because I am continually frustrated whenever Taylor needs books for a school project and we can't find any. I usually end up having to buy them. But the library is good for getting new release fiction. Connor loves to go there and check his own books out too. Yay for Lala!

  2. I love the library. Every other week, i am there...

  3. It makes me laugh when people actually go to Barnes & Noble. We only use the library at our house.