Pi Anyone?

Today was our first official day of spring break.

I declared it a pajama day, no getting dressed or going anywhere. Soon I had kidlets asking me if they could get dressed. What the What?!? Where did these people come from? Of course I told them NO. Just kidding. So some of us got dressed and I ended up being the lone pajama wearing slacker and that doesn’t bother me one bit.

We also celebrated Pi (3.14) Day with what else? Chicken pot pie.


I am still struggling with baking gluten-free so the crust was quite ugly. Good thing my family judges food by taste and not by how it looks. I had plans for another pie for dessert, but since I was having such trouble with the crust I gave up. It was kind of frustrating because I have used this same recipe before and they turned out okay. Maybe since it’s warmer it made a difference? Who knows…

So for the next 2 weeks it is me and the kidlets hanging out and having fun.


And enjoying Big Daddy when he is home in the evenings.

And I might declare more pajama days…even if it’s just for me!


  1. You're always doing such fun things! I'm sure everyone loved it. Happy PI day!

  2. PJ day...you know me...that is pretty much EVERYDAY!!
    I am sure going to miss you for Spring break.

  3. I really hate chicken pot pie, but I still think this was an awesome idea. Happy spring break. Mine's not for a month and a half.