SPT–Here Comes the Suns

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from my brother. He had tickets to the Suns game that night and wanted to know if Big Daddy and I wanted to go with them. Um….yes.

We got to arena and were pleasantly surprised with how great the seats were.


I am really not much of a Suns fan, but I do love my Utah Jazz. Even without Jerry Sloan at the helm.


It was really at great game. The score was back and forth and always within a few points. But in the end the Suns pulled out the win.


It was a really fun night and as we were leaving I thought it would be fun to bring the kidlets to a game, but then after looking at my ticket stub I decided they will be just fine without seeing the Suns from such great seats.


Oh and the obligitory SPT from such a fun night.


And since the Suns scored over 99 points I got a free lunch out of it for today.



And yes I do know that today is actually Wednesday and not Tuesday. Which is kind of ironic since the first thing I had to ask my brother after he asked if we wanted to go with him was what day it was.

This stay-at-home Mom gig gets a little confusing at times.


  1. That would be a fun game to see! Although I miss my old JAZZ players. And my friend being married to Larry H's son which meant they took us to games all the time. (Actually....she's better off not being married to him!)

  2. I love the Suns. When i was growing up in Mesa, I went to many Suns games.....
    Your Phoenix Suns.......