Can You Spell Regional?

Today was the Regional Spelling Bee.

I wanted J to feel all of our support so I went and checked all the kidlets out of school and Big Daddy was able to arrange his schedule so he could be there also. Grandma Jo and Grandpa Larry were there too.

The only time you could take pictures was during the practice round. J did a great job spelling F I R M.


His first round word was hibachi - H I B A C H I. He has no idea what a hibachi is, but he knew it rhymed with Hitachi. I knew all that time in front of our TV would come in handy at some point. There were only 3 kids eliminated in the first round and I was worried we were going to be in for a long day.


Second round word was semantics – S E M A N T I C S. And this round they started dropping like flies…or rather bees.


Third round word was macadamia - M A C E D A M I A. And to add insult to injury they didn’t have just one bell letting him know he missed the word, but two of those dang bells rang out.

And then we left.

Wee ar sew prowd ouf ar Big J.

Can you tell he didn’t get his spelin skillz from me?


  1. I kept Up with progress on FB. The closest I have ever gotten to a spelling bee!

  2. Great job J! Brings back a lot of memories from when Taylor was there. We still can't ask him how to spell the word he missed without him wanting to kick himself. I think by just getting that far is a huge accomplishment in itself.

  3. bIg J...
    If u nuw 2 rime habatiche and hitache tat iz prete impresfe.
    ta ida that sumon related 2 me gowing 2 a speling be iz amasing.
    ant nese

  4. 3 rounds at regionals! I'd be danged proud of my kid. Way to go!