Missing Him

This last week was the 5 year anniversary since my brother Bruce passed away.

Angle Kids 1976-1

He passed away unexpectedly, which makes it a little more difficult. There were no goodbyes or preparation.


This last week he has been invading my dreams. In one dream all of my siblings were together in a industrial kitchen cooking. We would have had so much fun doing that together.

11-16-2006 04;07;50PM

It makes missing him worse when he keeps showing up like that.


  1. My cousin that I was close to shows up in my dreams a lot too. Sometimes I am sure she's trying to tell me something.

    Loss is never easy. Sorry.

  2. Oh, I feel very badly for you. The five year anniversary can't be easy.

  3. I'm sorry for the loss of your brother. But I truly believe that our loved ones can and do visit us from the other side. I'm sure he's there to comfort you.

  4. my brothers passing was extra hard this year. it seems although it gets longer it gets harder..

    i am not sure why..

    he has been gone 23 years. he is in my dreams often.. we all dream of him often.

    hang in there i will keep you in my prayers..

  5. wonderful post about Bruce...I miss him too.
    The kitchen dream...I love it! That would be heaven!

  6. i miss bruce dearly. do you know what you guys were making in the kitchen dream? i have a few guesses/requests

  7. I'm sorry. You guys seem like such a close-knit sibling group. It must be so hard to have one missing. I live in fear of that with my 4 sisters. Siblings are the 'friends' we're supposed to share our whole lives with. I'm sorry he wasn't given more time here on earth and you more time with him.

  8. hmm i have those of my grandmother as well. hes a handsome dude!