There Are Times Were It Just Isn’t Worth Being Nice

Big Daddy had a free rental from a place that shall remain nameless but it doesn’t have the word red in the title.


Big Daddy thought he was being nice and rented this little gem.


We put it in the DVR for about 30 seconds and already had our fill of glittery Cedric Diggory.

That’s right…you might know him as Edward. Whatever? He will always be Cedric Diggory in our home.


The movie was placed back into the black case immediately.

I have read the books. I actually enjoyed the books to a certain extent. I watched the first movie…and hated it. The thought of watching these 2 pouting through the entire series…




And don’t even get me started about grown women going on about some teenage boy. If you turned the tables and men were talking about some young girl like I have heard women talk him…yeah.



So Thanks Big Daddy. You get an A for effort…

It’s so sad, because you usually do such a good job picking out movies.


*** Post Edit ***

I had to come back and edit this post. The free rentals were with Blockbuster. I wasn’t going to say who it was just because it was a crappy movie…BUT, when Big Daddy went to return the FREE movies the kiosk had a system error and showed the movies being returned late so we were charged $2.16. When Big Daddy called customer service they told him it would be 5 days before they could refund the money and Blockbuster still shows FIVE pending transactions for renting 2 free movies. GRRRRR. I think we will be sticking with RedBox in the future. Thank you very much Blocksucker.


The vacation will return tomorrow.


  1. Had to go to THREE KIOSKS to pick up the stupid "free" rental because the company has their coding and location assignments wrong. And the freaking DVD didn't work right anyway. So much for that little gesture. Can't complain much because it was free, but I CAN complain about my own frustration and anger...we are going to stick with Redbox from now on...

  2. At least we got a good one for the kiddos, which was also free, I assume it worked today???

  3. Hmmmm, tell us how you REALLY feel about it. hahaha

  4. I always think of him as Cedric too. And I totally agree with you about grown women gaga-ing over that man child. I could be his mother for heaven sakes!

  5. I think you may already know my feelings toward this movie. They are much in line with yours.

  6. ok so...really what did you think?

  7. all i see is cedric also-the books were so much better than the movies, but in the defense of people that don't read the're pretty good. Book lovers probably share the same opinion if they're truly honest with themselves.

  8. ooh hate it when that happens.... im no longer with a video store because of that stuff, netflix all the way now.