Verify or Moderate?

I really, really, really enjoyed our summer vacation. In fact I was trying to prolong it by avoiding any and all responsibility in my life…yeah you really don’t want to see my laundry room right now. It was so bad that there may or may not have been a couple of nights I had the kids pick out what they wanted to wear the next day and just washed that load of clothing. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds, because with 5 kids there are a bunch of clothes everyday. Not that I am saying I would do that. And my kids have had cold cereal for dinner more in the last few weeks then they have in the last year. Lazy I tell you.

I wasn’t just avoiding things I don’t enjoy I was avoiding everything. Even reading was being put on hold. I usually read a book or 2 a week, but this summer I think maybe I have read 5 total. Sadness.

So along with everything else I am way behind on my blog reading and commenting. I think I have over 600 items on my reader. I am determined to slowly work through it without marking everything as read. I have missed knowing what is going on in my little bloggy world.

Well tonight I jumped into my reader and started working through all these posts. I have noticed more word verification and comment moderation on blogs. I have word verification on my blog for one reason and one reason only. It rhymes with torn bammers. I really wish they would leave my sweet little family blog alone.

So my question is…Why do you have word verification or moderation on your blogs?


Oh and after a Dr visit I found one of the reasons I have no desire to do anything. My iron level is kind of low, but my potassium level is really, really low. Hopefully we can get those levels up and I will have some desire to do something.

But honestly my laundry room is going to need serious work to recover.


  1. I had been wondering what the dr. said...
    and I HATE both....
    especially where my one eye is blury...you do not know HOW many times I get to pick a NEW word.
    But, I understand...really I do.

  2. I know what you mean about those torn bammers. And also the regular bammers out there that just leave a pile of garbage in your nice comments box. Sheesh.

    At least the iron and potassium is something easily fixed. As for your laundry...welll...it will get caught up.

  3. So sorry for all the rude comments you have been getting on your blog.....
    I hope they all just leave your blog alone..
    Wow i wish i could read 2 books a week. I read one book a month....

  4. Can you believe I got TWO spam comments on this post. GRRRR..........

  5. I have always had word verification on my blog. I almost NEVER get spam on that blog (but get a lot on my wordpress one for work).

    Here's my EMBARRASSING story. I have also not had my e-mail attached to my blog. I didn't WANT people to be able to e-mail me. I changed it a few weeks ago. I commented on a blog I read that asks personal questions and FORGOT to leave my comment Anon. Horror! My name was on my comment for a few hours and in that time I got a private e-mail from a guy who was inviting me to 'chat' with him. ACK! I have unattached my e-mail from my blog again. Yowza!

  6. I use it only for blocking the spam. The few times I went without it, I got questionable comments. I just don't like them associated with my family blog. I know it's a bit irritating, but I think it's worth the extra trouble.

  7. I DON'T have word verification on my blog. I won't until I have been spammed, which hasn't happened yet.

    I am still trying to figure out the rhyme. It's a toughie.

  8. i know word ver. is a necessary evil. i hope you find time to catch up on that reading, you should send me a reading list...