It’s A Race

The vacation starts here.

This is the day were the vacation started getting a little crazy…

On the morning of the 21st of June Niece had a doctors appointment, in Utah. About that same time her daughter-in-law was headed to the hospital to be induced, in Idaho. This would be Niece’s first grandbaby. And she really wanted to be there when she was born, even if the doctors were telling her to stay in Utah. Not being one to follow the rules very well Niece was ready to get to Idaho. So off we all went. Niece, Kira and Sergio in one car and the kidlets and I in the subooboo for the first of many trips for us between Utah and Idaho. During the 3 hour road trip there were plenty of texts going back in forth letting us know how Ali was doing. Well we made it in plenty of time for Niece to be there when Celes Marie was born.

If you want to know Niece’s story of her sweet grandbaby visit here.

The next day I made a visit to the hospital to check out my new Grand-niece. But before I could hold her Grandma had a turn holding her, with Kira right there waiting impatiently for her turn.


Kira took her turn. I guess she thinks she needs the practice since she found out a few days before that she is going to be having a baby at the beginning of the year.


Finally it was my turn to hold Celes.


She is such a sweet baby.


Of course I had to count her fingers and toes.


She passed inspection.


Before we could leave Grandma Niece thought she need to hold her again.


Welcome to the family sweet Celes.


We can’t wait to watch you grow.


  1. So sweet. I can only imagine how it's going to feel to be a Grandma. Luvpilot's parents got in the car and drove non-stop from AZ to UT when they found out I was going to be induced early with their first grandchild. They made it minutes before he was born.

  2. That is one cute kid. Congratulations.

  3. That is a beautiful baby!!

    I was there for 3 of mine..
    missed my 4th because he came so fast. But I never want to miss
    a min. of their lives.. It was such a blessing moving to Az.

  4. She's pretty awesome if I do say so myself! When are you coming back up here?

  5. Has to be one of the BEST days of my life!