It’s About Time We Took Him To The Game

I am taking a break from the vacation posts. They will be back tomorrow.

Last night Big Daddy and I took Einstein to a Diamondbacks game. He won tickets to a game in July but since we extended our vacation Big Daddy took a couple of other guys to that game and last night was the perfect night to take Einstein to a replacement game.


We were there early since it was a bobblehead night. The first 15,000 people in the gate were given a Luis Gonzales bobblehead, we missed getting one by about 20 minutes. Bummer. Luis Gonzales was Einstein’s favorite player.

Since we were there early it did give us time to walk around the stadium. And take a couple pictures with cardboard cutouts of a couple of players.


Big Daddy and Einstein had fun throwing pitches and having them clocked by a radar gun. Einstein threw heavy 26 mph heat. And Big Daddy was throwing a strong 59mph. I was laughing at the kid who threw after Big Daddy. He was probably in his early 20’s and while he was standing in line he was stretching his shoulder and warming up. Then he threw a 66 mph ball. Fairly impressive. But then he turned to his friend and said, “I just can’t get that extra 30 mph”. Oh really, because if you could you would be down on the field and not up here with the rest of us schmucks. But good luck on that.


It was time for the game to start so we climbed about a million stairs and I needed oxygen when we finally found our seats. We were all settled in and enjoyed the ceremony when Luis Gonzales’ Number 20 was retired. He was an amazing player and seems like a really nice guy. He does a ton of charity work in the Phoenix area and really deserves to be honored.


He seemed really humbled by the ceremony.


I was just glad that they retired his number in purple instead of the new colors. My Diamondbacks will always be purple and teal.

When the Diamondbacks took the field to start the game he ran out with the team to his old spot in left field.


But this is what it really looked like from where we were sitting.


After a few innings of the game Big Daddy texted one of his friends that has season tickets to see if he was at the game.

He was. And he has great seats. That’s him circled WAY DOWN THERE.


Notice the empty seats next to him? They didn’t stay that way for long.

That white X is where we were sitting.


So we gave up those seats and climbed back down a million steps and ended up in seats with this view.


We could even see into the dugout from where we were sitting. Well with zoom on my camera you could.


I love this shot of the bigger-than-life Bobbleheads.


And as a great way to end a fun evening the Diamondbacks actually won. Which isn’t something they do very often lately.


So at least for the Diamondbacks there is “always next year”, but for Einstein it will be his turn for a night with Mom and Dad at a game in about 5 years. Unless of course he wins more tickets!


  1. I love going to baseball games. I would always go with my dad to games all the time... FUN times..

  2. So glad you got to move down to a decent seat. I've done both places and those super upper deck seats are really NOT so enjoyable. Looks like you all had a great time.

  3. Sweet seats! How fun. And I wish they were still purple too.

  4. I wondered if he had gone to a game yet...
    See "E" it was worth the wait!
    Though I am sorry you did not get your bobble head.