Summer Vacation…Finally

I have been wanting to finally get the posts about our summer vacation done, but it is so overwhelming since we were gone so long. So I have decided to just try to do a bunch of short little posts.

So check back…and check back often.

Here we go:

We were packed up and ready to go by the 16th of June. Big Daddy was a little sad to see us go.


But it felt good to hit the open road.


I have a usual route that I take when we go to Idaho, but this year I decided to make a slight change in our route and headed this way.


I don’t know what I was thinking…

By the time we got here


Roo had thrown up at least 4 times.


And by the time we got to Lehi, Utah she added a couple more times.

The first leg of our trip was done.

It was a long day and we were glad to be out of the ol’ Subooboo and ready for family fun!


  1. poor little one. Sorry she had such an unsettled stomach :( Never any fun! Hope you all had a great vacation despite the upset Roo tummy

  2. YEA! Let the pictures begin!!!

  3. Wow, I you rock. I would never take a long road trip without my hubby. I don't like driving to Seattle alone and that is only a few hours away.

  4. Poor Roo. I hate that feeling. Can you believe I have never driven from here to UT before? Unless you count Lake Powell, but that's only barely UT. My favorite thing to do on roadtrips is sleep, so I don't think I'd be a very good driver.