So Much For Being A Temple

After much persuasion I finally convinced Roo that she needed to get her ears pierced.

There have been a few planned trips to the mall to get it done that were called off at the last minute.

But on Saturday she was finally ready to permanently mar her Temple. I was so proud.

She was all excited until we were actually at the store and she began to wonder if this was such a good idea.


She didn’t have a problem having her ears marked, but the girl doing it had the holes completely crooked. Good thing they mark them before violently shooting the pointy metal in her lobes.


She didn’t enjoy the actual piercing all that much.


I warned her that it would hurt, but she said it hurt worse than I said it would. Well yeah.


But she did great. And was happy to admit that the short-lived pain was worth it. Remember…It’s not how you feel, it’s how you look!


Afterwards she said her eyes wanted to cry but she didn’t want to be embarrassed in the store.

Yay Roo!

Welcome to the blingy world of jewels!!!


  1. The 'Diva' has been unleashed. She is such a cutie. Just think mom, are you ready for makeup, perfume, shaving legs, cute clothes and more clothes and even more clothes, and not to mention, ummmm boys? Hang on to the sweet little girl for as long as you can.

  2. good JOB Roo and welcome to the world of earrings. ;)

  3. Now that's what having a girl is all about. Yay for bling!

  4. oh man you gotta go to the store where they pierce both ears at once... congrats on the new bling.

  5. Oh she will have oodles of fun.

  6. hey...I thought WE were going to go together to watch her endure her fist pains of being a young lady!

    Love you!

  7. no matter that we live across the country from each other - the pictures of my daughter sitting in that chair look like we were at the same store!