spt - au naturel


From Lelly:

now, before your mind reels, let me explain that i am talking about food items today!!
summer is upon us! (well, unless you live in Utah, in which case...) we just bought a new grill, and i am almost jumping for joy at the whole new world of dinner options that has been opened! there is something so wonderful about easy summer meals. (and how is it that it seems easier to fit veggies into a summer dinner than a winter dinner?)
i do try to *focus* on fruits and vegetable that are in season. i can't say that my families' little attempts at eating fresh and local have made any difference in the huge world of the mass production/transportation/extended storage conundrum. but i do know that fresh tastes better!!
the strawberries have been excellent this year! are you enjoying Nature's bounty? what are you snacking on? we're keeping it "au naturel..." - leave the HFCS and partially hydrogenated oils out of this picture!!

Well I am a rule breaker on this challenge. Most are focusing on the lovely fresh fruits and veggies of the season.

But me…not so much.

I am focusing on one of the great travesties of snacking.

People take this gorgeous little cookie and deface it’s natural flavors by dunking.


But not me…I want my Oreo goodness Au Naturel



  1. I do all three with oreoes. Dunk, twist, and bite...so that means I need at least 6 in order to repeat the ways to eat them.

  2. You are funny.

    I want an Oreo. Or ten.

  3. oh I love- love to slip a fork into an oreo and then dip the whole thing into milk until there are no more bubbles then quickly eat the whole thing up. Yum!

  4. Oh yea baby...doesn't get much better than that!

  5. I will eat them anyway I can. Great post! :)

  6. Funny! I used to be the same way but now I like to dunk. Go figure.