Easter Anyone?

I was looking at my blog and realized I never posted about our Easter.

I have no idea how I could have missed it.

So here you go…

Have I mentioned I am a dork? Well I am. I thought I was being so organized and went to the store and grabbed the basic egg coloring kit and some eggs and knew I was ready for egg coloring on Friday. Well that evening Roo looked at the package and said, “We only get 3 colors?” I looked at the package and realized I got the basic, basic kit. There was no way we were just going to have 3 colors. So Friday I loaded up the kids and headed to of all places…Walmart. Oh how I hate that store. So we ran in and grabbed our basic package of dye ready to color some Easter eggs—all 42 of them. So Friday evening as I am getting the dye ready I found that the second package we got had 9 colors and 3 “bonus” colors. So now we had 5 kids, 15 cups of dye and 42 eggs.

Each of the kids got to pick 3 cups of color to use on their eggs. Of course Ham wanted all the blue ones and LaLa wanted all of the pink ones, but since we had a couple of duplicate colors we were able to divide them.


Here they are hard at work.


The results.


They were pretty quick getting the eggs colored and on to more important things…like the trampoline.


Poor lonely eggs.


Kids having fun.


I had to add this picture of Ham because it made me laugh.


I have heard of more and more people celebrating the Easter Bunny on the Saturday before Easter so Sunday can be about Christ and the Resurrection. I think that is an amazing idea and we will be adopting that tradition next year.

We didn’t realize how excited the kids were for Easter. They were up at 6:30 on Sunday morning to check out the Easter baskets. It’s not like the baskets are elaborate or anything. Are Peeps really worth waking up that early for?!?


Here is Roo checking out the baskets.


Look at the perfect pucker from Ham.


Roo really had fun with her pinwheel.


Since it was General Conference weekend we didn’t have to get ready for Church so the kiddos had plenty of time to check out everything in their baskets.


I love how Roo inventoried her basket.


Later that day while I was getting dinner ready we took a break for a little earthquake. There was a 7.3 earthquake that struck in Baja Mexico that we felt. It had the water in our pool splashing over the edge. I posted the video on my facebook page.

For dinner we had David’s parents and sister over.


I said earlier in the week that I wasn’t in the mood for the traditional Easter dinner. Instead we had chicken salad on croissants and different salads, like pasta salad and fruit salads. It was delish.


Since he had been up so early and no nap Ham didn’t make it very long through dinner before he was asleep.


But he wasn’t quite ready to give up his fork.


After dinner we played a few rounds of “Pinchy Feisty Flatty Cutty Cow”. It’s a game that Big Daddy’s family has played for years.


It was fun introducing a new generation to a family game.


After everyone had their turn of playing Aunt Sherri had another fun activity for the kiddos. They made this cute dessert.


There was some pretty intense car building.


The finished products.




LaLa went ahead and took care of some of the extra pieces.



  1. Cute post, looks like you all had a great time.

  2. What a great Easter you had! I love the dessert, so cute!

    We felt the earthquake pretty good too. I was just so surprised at how long it lasted. It was smooth but seemed to last forever!

  3. looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

  4. Your Easter looks way more fun than mine. We didn't even dye eggs, mostly because the boys didn't remember about it so I didn't bring it up. I'm such a bad mom.

  5. Oh and I like the chicken salad on croissants idea.

  6. Looks like an awesome time! We did do eggs etc. the weekend before Easter but that was because cousins were in town. I like the idea of hosting festivities a week in advance. I might steal that one too.

  7. WOW! You felt that too!? That amazes me.

    YOur Easter looks like loads of fun. We used to do Easter on Saturday. We have got out of the habit. :">

  8. What great Easter activities. I love how they've all got their own little dye cups. Great idea!! I also love how you've got them dying their eggs outside. Perfect!!
    It's amazing how quickly they dye those eggs isn't it?
    I love the idea of the bunny celebration taking place on Saturday, maybe we'll do that next year too.