Menu Monday

Menu Monday


  1. Okay I saw sweet and sour meatballs and thought...OH MAN I HAVE TO TRY THIS! I click the link and there I am saying I must try it! Sheesh. I guess I better try it! Hahaha.

  2. looks so yummy...
    I am so tired of salad I could puke...
    so today was CARB heaven...who cares the ammount of insulin right...
    Pasta and french bread....yes it was THAT good

  3. I actually have this week kind of planned. Are you surprised? Yes. yes are.

    Sunday - sloppy joes
    Monday - cheese soup
    Tuesday - leftovers & maybe a trip to Yogurt Stop for dessert
    Wednesday - chicken & rice
    Thursday - chimichangas
    Friday - eat at Grammy's
    Saturday - hmmm??

    The meatballs sound yummy. Maybe I will make that our Saturday meal.