Vacation Wrap-up…Part 1

I am bound and determined to get the rest of our vacation pictures posted. So I am going to try to do a few posts quickly and get them finished.

On the 30th of December we left my sister’s house. It’s always hard to leave her and her home. The cold made it a little easier this time. Okay not really easier, but it sure was dang cold.


When we left the roads were pretty clear and we made it all of 12 miles before the first potty break.


As we went on the roads started getting a little more snowy.


And when we got closer to Salt Lake they started looking like this:


We were supposed to meet my brother and his family at Temple Square and walk around and see the lights, but we decided it wasn’t the best weather to do that in.

So we settled for drive-by light viewing.



And if you were in a car behind us and wondered why the crazy woman was sticking her camera out of the window to take pictures…this is why:


And this one, just because I liked it:


I like how downtown had the trees lit up with blue lights.


By the time we got back on the freeway the roads were looking like this:


I am just glad that Big Daddy is fine driving on snow. Me? Not so much after so many years away from it.

We finally made it to my brother’s house for dinner. And yes this is the best picture I got of him and his lovely wife Karen.


I am not sure who was helping who with the camera, but my money is going on Karen.

Here are cousins that don’t get to see each other nearly enough. And yes this is only 2 families.


It was funny how it took a few minutes to warm up to each other and then they were off and running and enjoying each other.

This is me and my brother.


And even though I look soooo much younger than him we are actually pretty close in age. I think the Santa beard might have something to do with it? Maybe?

And for a little fun I think I might have a little give-away.

The person (who isn’t related to us) that can guess how close in age we are, in months, will get a little gift (and I mean little).

There is only one entry per person and just leave a comment with your guess. You have until Friday the 15th at noon to guess. And if more than one person is correct I will pick a winner from the correct entries.


  1. i am going out on a limb here and say 16 months.. ok that is my final answer..

  2. 18 months?

    It looked COLD COLD COLD in both Idaho and Utah! I guess I'd better get used to the idea of snow if we're moving to Colorado this year. I just don't want to drive in it!

  3. I think you are 11 months apart. That's pretty close.

    We went to see the lights at Temple Square and it was VERY cold and slightly less enjoyable. A drive-by was deeply considered and then we found a close parking spot so we took it. We stayed only a few minutes and I'm pretty sure you got better pictures than us.

  4. So, I'm guessing ten months. I think that would be just cr-azy, but that's what I'm guessing!
    Love the pics. It looks SO cold, but beautiful.

  5. I'm gonna guess 14 months!
    I LOVE the photos of Temple Square. The temple, red lights, and snow--beautiful!!

  6. I am sooooo glad you came!!!! It was great to see you, only if for a moment!!!!!!!!! Glad you made it home safely!!! Love ya!!!

  7. Love the pictures!!!

    Let's see....the age difference is 15 months.

  8. I love the first photo of all those Southwest kids shivering in mild winter temps! LOL!

    I think you two are 13 months apart with HIM being older (I would NEVER dare say you were older even to win a small prize! LOL!)

  9. I know,know!!!
    i am so glad you found something fun to do after leaving Idaho.
    Thanks again for spending it with us.

  10. Just a guess, but 12 months?

  11. So the first picture looks really cold. Mainly because none of you have coats on and you have flip flops on you crazy lady. :-)Beautiful pictures and it looks like a lot of fun.

  12. I do miss Temple Square at Christmas time. So pretty. You got some great pics.

  13. hehehe everyone thinks that you are as old as he is...how do you like them apples...You should just go ahead and grow an old man beard too...bwhahahaha.
    I sure love you lene. Thanks for letting me enjoy your vacation with you.
    Love your guts!

  14. I'm guessin 11 months. :)
    And thanks for sharing pictures of temple square. Its beautiful! I've only been there in the hot of summer...it looked nothing like that!

  15. I'll say 22 months. Why? Don't know. It's just the first number that came to my mind.