ABC’s and 123’s

Today was Ham’s first day of school. I was really surprised they were letting him start this week, he is only 2.


I thought he would have to wait until after his birthday and start next week, but noooo.


It is almost impossible to get a picture of him looking at the camera.


I think he better get used to being dragged around by his sister.



It made me feel a little better knowing that LaLa’s classroom is right across the hall from his. Why? I am not really sure.


It was nice to find out they played together on the playground today…without fighting.


There he goes (the one behind the pole). No longer my little baby.


And about 5 seconds after we got home today I found him like this.


And what did I do while he was gone? A nap? Cleaning?

Nope. I tried to catch up on shows on the DVR.


  1. Great Post. Almost felt like I was there instead of working in Gilbert. Thanks Wife.

  2. Oh my gosh Lene...
    this post made me cry.
    I think you are going to find that Ham and Lala become very close and good friends this year.

    You are an amazing momma!

  3. by the way...where did the owie come from?

  4. I remember watching my babies go to school (and I do mean babies. 3 years old is just too young) But it was all good and they were fine and a little uninterrupted TV watching can be a very cool thing indeed.

  5. I think I would definitely be crying. So little for school!!! But of course, if it's best for him I guess you suck it up. Sweet post.
    I'd probably do the same thing with some uninterrupted time.

  6. A great use of your time. My guess, your kids will still fight at home, but never at school.

  7. I love the picture of Ham and Lala where she is holding the flower. So sweet. And so great she is right there with him.

    I laughed that you caught up on DVR. I would sooo do that!

  8. Aww, I love the picture of them walking away with their little backpacks hand in hand.

  9. I know you missed him, even if that little bit of alone time is heaven. I feel better knowing her class is right across from his, too.