SPT – What? WHAT?!?

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I just put my baby on a bus. A BIG yellow school bus. What in the holy hell was I thinking?!?

Last year I drove LaLa to school and picked her up. This year I felt she was old enough to ride the bus and it was a little easier on my schedule. And she was ready to ride the bus.


Today Ham cried as he got on the bus.


We got him settled down and buckled up.


And off they went.


I cried.


  1. Ahh, it is never easy letting our little ones grow up! I have never had to put my child on the school bus (she is homeschooled), but I put my nephew on the bus (he was only 2) and it made me cry (and I am not his mother!). Just think, they will come home and be just as happy as they were before you put them on the bus :)

  2. Man, they are growing up fast! So exciting, yet tugs the heart strings to see them become independent. Don't worry, in spite of what they may say, they will always need their "mommy". Each day is a blessing with them because you only get one shot at it. Enjoy the ride! Tears are acceptable for this ride.

  3. Oh my goodness...I am so glad I was not there...I would have been a blubbering mess.
    Way to go Ham...
    and way to go 'Lene!

  4. I'd have cried too- but look at that sweet bus lady. She is clearly understanding the pain that is going on. Sad. It will get easier.

  5. Tears of joy or sorrow? ;)

    It's a good thing us mommys have sending our babies off on the bus to get us ready for the harder send-offs when they are grown.

  6. Oh I remember that. Not fun, but hang in there it gets easier.

  7. Oh my gosh, he's just a baby! I'd be crying too!

  8. it is so hard to put your baby on the school bus. I cried when Ian went to school.

  9. i know how you feel. i finallylet my 13 year old ride his bike across town alone, and look what the hell happened..

    nOT that that will happen to ham..

    crying is perfectly justified!

  10. aw, I would have cried too. He's just so tiny and cute--sigh. hang in there Lene!

  11. You don't look like you're crying, but I know you were. I think I cried for a week when Taylor started school. I would drive by, just hoping to catch a glimpse of him outside. Why do they have to grow up and leave us?