I have been known to be a little up-tight.

Rules are the rules.

Just ask the kiddos.

No you don’t get to miss school for a vacation. No you don’t get to stay home just to stay home. If you do stay home don’t plan on playing. There was always at least one kid up on the stage for perfect attendance each quarter. I was proud of that fact.

I think I have relaxed a bit.

The kiddos have missed all week of school.

Monday they stayed home because of Grandpa-Great’s funeral.

Tuesday they stayed home because it had been a long few days and just wanted them around me.

Wednesday they were home because it was Veteran’s Day.

Thursday they were home because they were already behind on their homework.

And Friday they stayed home because why mess with a good thing?

We didn’t get dressed. The kiddos played the wii for HOURS. We snacked. Some of us took naps. We didn’t do chores.

It was nice.

I might be in the running for Mom of the Year.

I think I can count on at least four votes. Ham, of course is a wild card.

And Monday it’s back to the grind…or maybe not.



  1. love it! You should be Mom of the year. . . fun times.

  2. It will be hard to get back into the routine, but at least some fun was had.

  3. I still can not believe it is you!!!
    You must be running a fever!!

    I totally agree...somedays you have to just stop and enjoy the moment...
    because trust me...very. very soon they are gone.

    Love ya

  4. Good for you!!! I think it's great you kept 'em home all week. Like your sis said, too soon they'll be gone. Sounds like it was a nice week.

  5. do it while you can, once they hit middle school, they get so behind its not worth staying home when your sick. wish i coulda done that..

  6. You are my hero. I LOVE having my kids home!