1. You know you are big time when they start naming products after you.

Big Daddy

Even if it is a urinal cake.

2. Roo is becoming multi-lingual. She saw something that said “Hecho En Mexico” and told me that she could now read spanish. When I asked her what it meant she told me “Made in China”. Gotta love her!

3. Things are so crazy here that even the frogs are climbing the walls.


Have you ever seen a frog climb like this. He was over 6ft off the ground right by our front door. Kind of freaked me out.


4. Even if I like to think of myself as a strong woman, sometimes I just need a man to take care of me. One that knows what I need and is able to fill those needs.

Where have you been all of my life.


5. I love the movie Up.


But the week of Grandpa-Great’s funeral probably isn’t the best week to watch it at least once a day. I’m just sayin’.


  1. I enjoy Ross as well...but it depends on the location. I DON'T enjoy the ones that has items strewn all over. Did someone pick up the matching shoe and decide to chuck it across the store? Sometimes I wonder.

  2. They showed Up on the plane ride here...cute movie!

    Love your "Made in China" girl!

    Frogs, no thank you!!

  3. I once had a frog--big like the one you have pictured-on the door handle of my screen. Worst part was, I almost touched it. I screamed. it jumped. I screamed again.

  4. Up is the best MOVIE this year!

  5. crazy frog. worth getting the camera out. yea UP is a bit on the serious side. and gotta love multi lingual children.

  6. I love Roo's sayings.

    I bet that frog was freaked out too.

    I love our Ross. Especially because we can be there in less than 5 minutes.

    The week of Grandpa Great's funeral? yeah, no.

  7. I didn't know that was Roo's comment...cracks me up.
    Big Daddy...hehehheheeee
    frog maybe not...but a gecko..oh yea!
    Ross...nope never have shopped there.

    I was just at MaryRC's blog and read your comment...yea made me cry.
    I love you "lene...

  8. Imagine if that frog fell on you?! Freaky.
    But what I wanna know is how you got that Big Daddy urinal cake picture, eh?

  9. Molly sometimes I have to contract out for my pictures...and Big Daddy has a camera phone. I just hope he was alone in the bathroom at the time!

  10. i have to admit the frog thing is kinda gross-i would have nightmare for weeks!!. Appliances are just starting to realize how cool you are-and thank roo for brightening my day