For Those About to Rock…

I have been honored with a Rockin’ Blog award from Mary. And if anyone rocks in this bloggy world it’s Mary.

In Mary’s words: “And with awards come rules. The Rocker of Blogs does hereby decree that all bloggers who are bequeathed the "This Blog Rocks" award, must henceforth bequeath this treasure to at least 5 bloggers who are of Rockin Blog decent.”

So in thinking of my bloggy friends who totally rock I hereby bequeath this noble award to:

  1. Tammy at Time Flies
  2. Vanessa at You Don’t Know Schmidt
  3. Molly at As Told By Molly
  4. Michelle at A Happy Heart Blog
  5. Michelle at Eternal Corner
  6. Donna at The Dentist’s Wife

blog rock award

This code below the award can be pasted into your columns by clicking on "add Gadget" selecting "add HTML" and then a quick paste and save should do the trick (I hope, if not visit Mary and pull it off her post…because really I am a dork when it comes to codes).

<a href="http://blogrockmaryrc.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img alt="blog rock award" src="http://blogrockmaryrc.com/blogrockaward.png" /></a>

Let’s keep Rockin’ it!


  1. wow ! Thanks so much ! You are such a sweet friend. :)

  2. what and no honorable mentions???

  3. You just made my day! :) Thank you friend! :)

  4. I feel so unprepared, I don't even have an acceptance speech prepared. Thanks! Love ya right back!