1. Is it bad that I fed my kidlets cookies for breakfast? What? They have oatmeal.

2. I think 1st birthdays are the best when the party girl has a melt down.


3. I love pre-school art. I think we should all spend more time with glitter and tissue paper.

IMG_0700 IMG_0739

4. So far the only thing broken in our move is my Willow Tree “Courage” Angel. Big Daddy gave her to me after my little party with Cancer. I took it as an omen: I am tougher than Cancer, but moving might break me.


5. I am so glad that Big Daddy has a job that he can take time off of work to help me hang pictures. And that he will.


6. Once our Key was hung in our new home I felt much better about the move.



  1. Man- that is one BIG key to lock the door with!!! Glad your moved in & thanks for the cookies!!!!

  2. Bren got cookies?!?

    I love love preschool art. I still have some things my boys made, just because they are so darn cute!

  3. I so enjoy pre-school art! :)

  4. Awesome key!
    Cancer? I don't think I have been around long enough to know about that.
    I will take my cookies with a lot of chocolate chips in them, thank you.

  5. Love the melt down and glitter. Thank goodness you have such a helpful husband! I'm not sure if my husband would drill into the "new" wall. Nice job!

  6. oatmeal cookies are often on our breakfast menu!

  7. Cute photos! I love that key - so cool! And, oatmeal cookies for breakfast - no problem!

  8. Cookies for breakfast...heck YEA!!!
    and preschool art...I am not even a grandma and have it on my fridge!!!
    Eating cookies and looking at pre-school art...PRICELESS!

    I love you!

  9. I've been meaning to ask you were you took the picture in your header, but then the other day I figured it out as I was driving to my church. Am I right??

  10. Love preschool artwork. And kindergarten artwork too.
    Love the big key!!
    Love cookies for breakfast!!!
    Love finding out new info about you!! Had no idea about the cancer, you go girl!!!
    The meltdown pic is priceless!

  11. my mom tells frequently that I went through a stage where I wanted ice cream sandwiches for breakfast and she decided that it wasn't worth the battle!

  12. ahh preschool art, it has a life of its own doesnt it, it never seems to die in my home. only the ones you really really want to keep fall apart.

    its my party and ill cry if i want to..

  13. Yay for cookies for breakfast!

    Love the key!

  14. You will survive! I can testify of this. Even if that means Big Daddy takes more days off work and the kids eat cookies for breakfast, you'll make it!