SPT – How I Spent My Summer Vacation


This has been a very fun and busy summer. As I looked back through my pictures it’s hard to believe how fast summer actually went. On the last day of school we hit the road for my nephew’s wedding to his sweet wife, staying a few weeks with my sister in Idaho, playing in the snow, visiting Big Daddy’s brother in Utah, trying to stay cool, letting my kids plan how we would spend most of our days, swimming, trips to the library, kiddos starting school the end of July and moving to a new home.

And all of it was done with these 5 amazing people.


They are my favorite people to spend my summers vacations with.

If you want to see how others spent their summer, visit Lelly.


  1. new home, eh? That sounds fun!

    I love spending my summer vacation with my kiddo's, too. But by this morning I was sure ready for them to go back to school! That extra week (last week) of summer about did us all in.

    Happy September to you!

  2. I love it when you come and hang out at my house...just wish it could have been a little longer.

    You have really had a crazy 3 months!
    I love you!

  3. your children are so darling! it sounds like you had a busy and wonderful summer filled with all your favorite people! heavenly!

  4. It did go by fast didn't it? Heck, this whole year has just flown by. I really can't believe it's already September!!
    I absolutely agree with ya' too, there's nothing like family.

  5. I so enjoy Summer! I wish it was longer! :)

  6. i am looking forward to our family vacation this fall. there is something so special about hittin' the road with the ones you love.

  7. Didn't this summer go so fast?

  8. Awww...Thanks Darlene! I will always remember that you are Josh's favorite aunt right?

  9. How could summer not be busy with 5 your 5 amazings? What fun! You have such a beautiful family...a new home is a crazy way to end the summer!?!