They Are Out To Get Me

Look how sweet and innocent these two look:


But I have to tell you these two are driving me CrAzY.

I have never had such competitive and combative kidlets. If one of them is standing near me I can guarantee the other will be there. I am constantly tripping over them.

There are days that I haven’t even gone to the bathroom by myself had any personal space. By the time Big Daddy gets home from work and wants a hug and kiss the last think I want is to have another person touch me.

If one of them has something the other one wants it, it doesn’t matter what it is.


At least the pacifiers are gone so that is on less thing to fight about.

They hide toys from each other.

If one of them is on my lap the other thinks they need to be there also.

Bedtime can be a total disaster. They both think they need me to fall asleep; or worse, think they need me to stay asleep.

If one is fussing the other one will start…even if they don’t know what they are fussing about.


If Ham is in the tubby


LaLa thinks she needs to be there too. If not in the tubby then standing between the tub and me while I am trying to bathe him.


It is wearing me out.

I know they can work together as a team.


I know they like to be together.


On a rare occasion they will even share each others jammies.


But even then they are competing


and fighting to be right by me.


They will grow up and probably be best friends.


I know this time will pass way to quickly. I will look back and wonder where the time went, but until then I am just trying to hold on to my sanity...and modesty.

And they are just planning more ways to drive me insane.



  1. Ahhh that is so sweet...they love each other...this too shall pass...


  2. My two youngest are driving me crazy too, but it's because they have just decided that they are best friends and spend the day getting into trouble together. They used to be like yours so I can't really say that it gets better when they decide to be friends. It just opens up a whole new kind of crazy.

  3. WOO-HOO, I'm your Swap Partner, and I am WAY excited. I LOVE your kidlets - they are too cute! Although my own kidlets are now adults (wellllll, that's a stretch), I have eight (8) young grandbabies with the oldest being only 8 years old. The ones from Florida are coming home in two weeks, and all eight will be together for the first time EVER. Watch out camera!!! Gotta get me a 50000000GB memory stick!

    Ohhh, a new friend - I love it! Can't wait to get to know more about you.

    Gotta go give the one who is spending the night his bath - I know you feel my pain!!!

    Good night!

  4. Aww, they are sure cute!!! I can totally relate though. My Jake, and Sarah were the same way. Now they are teenagers, and the best of friends. It does get better! :)

  5. There's just too much love to go around, eh? ;) They really will be best friends, plus they are learning great life lessons along the way. I sure hope you regain your sanity soon and find a little time for yourself.

  6. You aren't alone on that train to crazy town! Mine are driving me nuts too. And your littlest ones remind me of how it was when the twins were that age. It's still annoying sometimes but not as often.

  7. Cute post and sorry if I'm laughing little. But I can see why you're going a little nuts!

  8. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would never believe it...
    They are just making sure that they are the one who says, "mom always did love me best"

    Love ya

  9. I feel your pain!! You're right though, they'll probably be so close to each other later on. But getting to later on can make YOU bald!

  10. My 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter drive me nuts sometimes too. But then when they do cute little things, they sort of redeem themselves.