That Was So Totally Wicked!

On Friday night, as one of our famous Arizona dust storms blew in (those blobs are trees),


we loaded up the ol’ burban…oh wait all those seats in the back that are usually full of bodies were empty.


It was Blessed Date Night!


Big Daddy and I headed out to see:


Big Daddy surprised me with the tickets almost a year ago and I have been waiting and waiting for this day.

We had great seats, first tier, a few rows back, dead center of the auditorium.


I actually got in trouble for taking that picture and had a usher come and threaten to take away my camera.

The show was wonderful. I had read the book years ago and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Thankfully the musical isn’t like the book and had quite a few very funny parts. The music was great. The story is wonderful. The two actresses that played Elphaba and Glenda were incredible. I have had the song “Popular” running through my head since Friday night.


If you ever have the chance to see Wicked I highly recommend it.

Can you name which Disney movie the title of my post came from?


  1. You look AMAZING! I'm soooo glad you had a good time! Still waiting for your visit! : )

  2. We missed the dust storm because we were in Mesa & Gilbert at the time, but could tell our houses were getting hit.

    I still would've dropped everything if Big Daddy got sick or something at the last minute and you needed someone to go with you.

  3. Wicked is amazing. We saw it in Portland and we are going to see it in Seattle in a few months.

  4. The Incredibles!..so glad you had a great time! i haven't seen it yet! don't thimk grumpy will ever take me!

  5. Oh and your title is from The Incredibles. Love that movie

  6. That song gets stuck in my head all of the time and I haven't even seen the play, but I really, REALLY want to. Sounds like a great night. Glad you had fun.

  7. I can not believe that your "Special Date Night" has already came and gone!
    I want to hear all about it!
    Love ya

  8. Loved it when I saw it in NYC in November!

    Glad you had a fun time!

  9. It's the Incredibles! Wasn't it just the best! I actually thought this Elphaba was better than the one on Broadway recording.