You would think living in Arizona during the summer would be unbearable, but it’s really not. I would much rather live here during the summer than freezing somewhere during the winter and I really have no desire to live where the humidity is so high that you are always sweating.

One of the reasons it is bearable is our summer Monsoon storms. In the afternoon you can watch the clouds to the east as they start to build and billow until the sky is a wall of huge white clouds. Then the winds start picking up and you know there will be a change in the weather that evening.

On a bad day we will be hit with a nasty dust storm where a wall of dust will appear out of the south and blow over dirty and hot.

On a good day we will be hit with one of these.


Yesterday’s storm was a mixture of good and bad. We were hit with really strong winds.


And then the rain came.

IMG_0983 IMG_0991

And came.

IMG_0995 IMG_0992

Big Daddy was out there like one of those reporters from the Weather Channel doing hurricane coverage.


We were really worried at one point that we were going to lose our tree in the front yard.


The rain didn’t last too long and dropped the temperature about 20 degrees.

IMG_0986 IMG_0994

And we were lucky and didn’t have any storm damage like some of our neighbors.

To give you an idea of how hard the wind blew last night it sucked the attic hatch off in our laundry hall room.


And we got to sleep to the sounds of thunder and lightening all night long.

The best part is this morning we woke up to cool and cloudy weather.

Really how can you beat that?!?

Well not counting living in San Diego or Hawaii.


  1. welcome to our world. it has been raining all the time here in Illinois. We haven't had our a/c on for 4 days! It just got done raining oh wait-it's starting again...


  2. it only hit 100 here in the west end of the valley today..that is beautiful!!

  3. oh and we got lots more rain this morning than last night! we didn't get rain like that last night..but we had tons of wind damage over here!

  4. Too bad i didn't get to witness that when I was there a couple weeks ago!

  5. I miss the Monsoon storms!
    But i don't miss the HOT summer days! :)

  6. Jacob was just telling us about that storm. He was so excited! His first monsoon! Cooled down enough they went golfing today on their p-day! He memtioned the dust storm and taking cover at an investigators house. He loves the weather there.

  7. Awesome! We don't get those as strongly here but they happen. A couple weeks ago we got a particularly strong one and I took the kids 'puddle jumping' in the van which really means plowing my minivan through 18" deep 'puddles' of water. So fun!

    And I love that you call him Big Daddy. We use that moniker for my hubs too except we often shorten it to 'Big D'.

  8. I love the summer monsoon season. I love the lightning and thunder storms. We had some last night. My favorites are the ones in the afternoon like you had, only without the wind or any flooding.

  9. I happened to be visiting AZ one time when a monsoon hit, it was CRAZY! You're right though, it did drop the temp alot.

  10. We are having a lot of stormy weather here,but not a lot of rain at one time.
    thanks for sharing the photos of your storm.
    Have a great day.

  11. Summer monsoons really are so cool here. We love them too. It's even cool to see that big ball of dust coming, even though one of us usually has to run around laying the umbrella poles down before the wind does it, and securing the pillows on the patio furniture. We lost quite a few trees on our street. I still don't get why our neighborhood decided to line the streets with Mesquite trees. They always blow down!

  12. I love those storms! Love the dust ones too. There's something about being engulfed by a cloud of dust that's exciting to me. Crazy I know.