If They Can Get Along....There Is Hope For The Middle East

LaLa and Ham have a Love/Hate relationship.
She loves to take away his toys, or whatever he might have in his hands at the time, and he hates it when she does. But today is the day that I have been dreading. The day that they realize that they have the ability to cause more chaos together then they can by themselves.

This is what they found to do while I was getting Roo's hair done for school this morning. Apparently the new favorite toys for toddlers are purse packets of Kleenex, tampons and lens cleaning cloths. Who knew?!?

This is what I was doing while they were destroying my bathroom.

Did you know you can curl hair with a flat iron?
It will be interesting to see how the curls hold up today.


  1. Ha! Love the mess! Well, only because I didn't have to clean it up!
    Love the curls! Don't you love multi-functioning tools?