Do As I Say…

I really don’t like going to dentist…no really, not at all. The last time I went I was pregnant with Ham and the only reason I went then is because I was in pain. I needed some work done then that couldn’t be done when I was pregnant so they told me to come back after I had the baby. Yeah I still haven’t made that appointment and Ham is 2 1/2.

I am determined that my kiddos aren’t going to be like me. They go to the dentist every 6 months. Like clock work.


This is the kiddos with their dentist, Dr Ball.

This is the second visit where we haven’t had any cavities. Considering I am their Mom that is amazing.

5 kids, 108 teeth and NO cavities.


  1. I worked for dentists for 10+ years and I still don't like going to them.

    Yay for no cavities!! And this reminds me my boys are due.

    You are teaching them well...
    I mean when your 2 yr olds favorite thing to walk around with in his mouth is a toothbrush!

    and..why oh why...would you not like dentist?

    It couldn't be because mom found the meanest old man she could to take us to...could it??

    Hum...now I am worried...was she doing a PAY-BACK on us???

    the thinks that make you say hum???

    Love ya

  3. no cavities! That is great.
    I love going to the Dentists, because my Dentist is very HOT! :-)

  4. I may be the only person I know that loves to go to the dentist. It's like a spa for my mouth!
    Way to go on no cavities- I am always so excited when we get out of the office and everyone has been given and a-ok.

  5. Call me crazy but I don't mind the dentist at all. I have such faith in my dentist and know he'll always do his best to make me look good.

    Yay for no cavaties...that's quite an accomplishment these days!

  6. You ARE amazing! I've yet to have a 'no cavities' visit. Sigh. I'm jealous!

  7. The last time I was at the dentist was when I was pregnant - and not even this time, the time I was three years ago! I was slightly morning sick and had to have a root canal with all those things down my throat...Yikes, bad memories.

    What great 4th of July shirts you made - I love them!

  8. I too am not a big fan of the dentist. Good job at keeping all of your kids teeth sparkly clean! :)

    I just saw the post, about the shirts you made for the 4th!!! Darling!!! I may have to try this when I get home.