4th of July DIY

I was having a hard time finding something for the girlies to wear on the 4th of July this year. We used to do the Old Navy Flag Shirts every year. How can you beat $5 for a shirt? But really how many t-shirts do you need with a flag on the front. And then I waited until the last minute thinking I could still find something I liked. Wrong.

So sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures…time to get out the sewing machine.

I saw this cute t-shirt on Family Fun.


But I thought I would do it my own way.

I found basic white t-shirts at Target.


Then in their $1 section they had these cute bandanas.


I cut the bandana into 12x1 inch strips.


Then I took the easy way to mark the middle of the t-shirt. I folded it in half and pressed a crease.


Then I pinned the strips of fabric to the front of the t-shirt. I just eye-balled the distance between.


I made sure to double pin each strip at the crease so I wouldn’t end up with wonky bows.


Then stitched each strip of fabric on the crease I had ironed.


Here it is all stitched, but one more step needed to be done before tying the bows. I threw it in the washer and dryer to fray the edges of the bows.


Ta Da!


It took about 1/2 an hour to do both shirts.


Plus I had enough leftover strips of fabric to tie bows for the girlies hair.

IMG_0344 IMG_0342

I used a bunch for LaLa’s cheater’s french braid or ladder.


My mind was racing as I was making these. How about black t-shirts with orange, purple and green bows for Halloween? Or for Christmas a red shirt with white bows? and that would work for Valentines.


  1. so so cute! i think i will do that for my grand girlers!!

  2. I have a hard time getting on your blog...but today I WIN!!!

    Those are so darn cute!!!
    The Halloween idea...is awesome!!

    I just want to know...who stole my sister ...who never cooked or had sew a thing!!!???

    I am so proud of you!

  3. Niece-
    Maybe you haven't noticed, but the non-cooking, non-sewing me has been gone for quite a few years now. Ü

  4. One word for those shirts, and girls...adorable!

  5. oh you are so creative... cute shirts...what did the boys wear...


  6. Cute! I am so over the Old Navy tee's too. This year I found plaid red, white and blue shorts for the boys at Target. I was wishing I had a shirt to match.

  7. So cute! I will be sure to get you some black shirts for my girls in October :-)

  8. Way cute- I didn't even dress my kids in the colors because I am over flag shirts for the time being... I could have done this one for my beans at least!

  9. Gee Whiz lene, you're makin' the rest of us look bad. Old Navy is way easier!!