Thursday’s Child – You Do The Math Edition

With 2 parents and 5 kiddos it seems 1-on-1 time is rare and at times might only consist of me taking one kid with me to Target (whether they want to go or not).

This week a even more rare event happened…Roo had Big Daddy and me all to herself for the evening. She won a ticket to a Diamondbacks game at school this year and we debated taking the whole family, but decided it would be more special for Roo to get to go by herself. As the middle child she seems to get the short end of the the alone time.

So off we went to the game.

This is Roo and Big Daddy headed for escalator to get up to our seats.


Being the Daddy Girl’s that Roo is this night was perfect for her. The only thing that would have made it better for her was if she could have had a Daddy-Daughter Date, but no way was I being left out of the fun.


It was a beautiful night for a game. Inside the stadium was a little warm…not unusual for Arizona in July.


We were a little late for the game and by the time we got there the concourse was pretty empty.


We did stop and grab a few snacks for the game. I mean really, what is a baseball game without a hot dog and pretzel? I just wished they had Dr Pepper instead of Pepsi, but I guess you can’t have everything.


We were up pretty far but had great seats for watching the game.


Our section even made it on the jumbo screen during the “Show your Fry’s card” – which we now know is a total scam. This is the camera man waiting until the middle of the inning to film our section.


Roo had more fun just being there than actually watching the game, not unlike me someone else that was there.


We had to tell her the Diamondbacks had won and then she started clapping. Pretty funny.

IMG_0370 IMG_0372

And here are our Diamondbacks.


As we left the stadium we saw the police on horseback. That might have been the highlight of the night for Roo.


Well that and the cotton-candy. She actually saved some so she could share with the other kiddos. That is just like Roo, concerned about everyone.


The light-rail ride home was pretty late and she was pretty tired, but she stayed awake the whole time.


Roo thanks for being a good student and winning tickets to the ballgame!

And for letting Dad and I come with you and having a really fun night!


  1. What a great night for Roo.

  2. I'm glad she had some 'Special Time'. It's so important and SO hard to fit that in! Looks like a fun event.

  3. Oh, it looks like it was way fun!
    I am so glad she got you two to herself!
    Having a real daddy's girl...I totally understand...not wanting to miss out on the night!

    And in a week...YOU get Big D all to yourself!!!

    Love ya!

  4. oh that was sweet....I am sure it is hard to be the middle child...looks like all of you had a GREAT time...
    Chicago is 3 hrs and St Louis 3 hrs--so we have a AA team in Peoria-Peoria Chiefs. A Cubs affiliate. We have been a few times. Good times.


  5. Yay for baseball and one on one time!

  6. How fun for the three of you! I love one on one time and don't take the time to do it often enough.

  7. How wonderful for Roo to get a one on one time.
    It sure does look like she had a great time.
    How sweet of her to think about the other kiddos.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

  8. How sweet! Your such a good mom! I have to tell you, Tyler was talking to me as I was reading & I thought you said with 2 parents & 5 kiddos & 1 on the way!!! I was like WHAT????? So I had to read over again..
    I thought I had missed something huge & you never ever call so how would I of known!!!

  9. we have a minor league team close and my daughter loves to go to a game {not watch a game}...

    We had some friends who "won" a box with tickets to a game this year and we joined them for the fun. I'm loving how the other 1/2 lives....room to move around, food, couches, an area to contain the kiddos, covered seats and when that wasn't enough air condition inside the box.